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christoph-probst-platz & ehrenmal [square, memorial]
square with commemorative plaques dedicatet to chrisoph probst, member of the resistance group “weiße rose” in munic who was killed by the nazis 1943, and to two libertarian theologians. the nationalist eagle memorial (ehrenmal) was redesigned in 2019: red letters and a white metal rose were added to question the original meaning.
universität innsbruck, square in front of the main building, accessible from innrain | more (german)

tschernutter monument [memorial]
memorial “against the industrial handling of minorities”, erected after the homeless man wolfgang tschernutter was beaten to death by two teenagers on february 26, 1994.
franz-gschnitzer-promenade, behind the university main building, accessible from innrain or blasius-hueber-straße | more (german), more (german)

subkulturarchiv innsbruck [documentation website]
contemporary history documentation and collection of subcultural activities (locations, events, material) of innsbruck
online | website

liberation monument [memorial]
memorial for the people who were killed liberating austria from the ns regime. it was built in 1946-1948 on initiative of and was payed for by the french liberation forces.
eduard-wallnöfer-platz | more (german), more (german)

goldener bär [building]
former tavern where in 1932 the “höttinger saalschlacht” took place, a brawl between social democrats, communists and national socialists which left one nazi dead. the old tavern sign is still preserved.
schneeburg-gasse 31 | more (german)

michael-gaismair-straße [street]
street named after michael gaismair (1490-1532), symbol and co-organizator of the german peasant’s revolt against the feudal class in the 16th century. he fought for a more egalitarian society and was murdered at the hands of two soldiers who wanted to collect the bounty placed on his head.
michael-gaismair-straße | more (english)

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armenian monument [memorial]
memorial in memory of the armenian genocide 1915-1917, built in 2016 at the request of the armenian community of tyrol.
mariahilf-straße 1a | more (german)

judenbühel monument [memorial]
location of the old jewish cementery, since 2009 a memorial.
accessible from richards-weg | more (german)

memorial for the displaced [memorial]
memorial in commemoration of the professors, doctors and students of the innsbruck faculty of medicine who were marginalised and displaced in march 1938.
universitäts-klinik innsbruck, between building 4 and 6 | more (english)

plaque for the shoa victims [memorial]
commemorative plaque for the shoa victims on the east wall of the jewish cementery.
hauptfriedhof west (wilten), southern part | more (german)

pogrome memorial [memorial]
memorial for the victims of the november 1938 pogrome in innsbruck. 4 people got killed, over 30 homes destroyed.
eduard-wallnöfer-platz | more (german) | more (german)

memorial against forgetting [memorial]
memorial for the over 500 victims of the ns euthanasia programme in tyrol.
universitäts-klinik innsbruck, between building 10 and 14, accessible from innrain and anich-straße