Up. Con II / 2019

Up. Con II / 2019

Sat, 30 Nov | 10:00 - 23:00
altes bauhaus, bachlechnerstr. 46, innsbruck

Hello upcyclers around the world!

We really appreciate what you doing and that you chose this way of production and enjoying the 2nd Hand lifestyle.

We do the Upcycling studio since 2015 and now want to rise the awareness of Upcycling in our society to show an alternative to mainstream consumption patterns. I think now is the right time since sustainability is in everybody’s mouth.

We want to create a platform to connect makers of the Upcycling movement to clients & customers (b2c), cooperations (b2b), marketplaces (b2m) and politics (b2p) but also educational institutions, teachers and students. We want to make Upcycling more relevant to the whole society!

Meet other upcyclers. Show your products. Exchange. Explore. Expire.

Join us at
the Upcycling Convention
in Innsbruck / Austria
November 30th 2019


wheelchair accessibility: not known
link to the event: https://www.facebook.com/events/911450969256301/
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