don’t miss ♥

werkstattcouch [working space]
working with wood, glass and metal
we 18-22 / sa 10-18 h
höttinger-gasse 32 | website

fablab [working space]
3d printer, laser cutter, cnc milling machine, vinyl cutter
fr-sa 9-21 h
franz-fischer-straße 12 | website

kochlokal [event location]
open kitchen, seminar and multifunctional room, exhibition rooms
open during events
franz-fischer-straße 12 | website

nadelöhr [sewing workshop]
textile sewing
sa 14-18 h and on other days (see calendar)
defregger-straße 18 | website

shirt 24 [screen printing workshop]
printing on textile and other materials
open on request
zoller-straße 7 | website

it-syndikat [hackerspace]
programming, soldering, screen printing
tuesdays from 19 h open evening
tschamler-straße 3 | website facebook

innsgart’l [community garden]
agricultural parcels for self-growing
langer-weg 41
paschberg-weg 51

workstation [rehearsal rooms]
rehearsal rooms for musicians and music groups
open on request
ing.-etzel-straße 18 | website