aBouT us

why this website?
innsbruck is more than goldenes dachl and sprungschanze, more than theresienbräu and speckknödl. innsbruck a lively, open and solidarity-based city. every year, thousends of people from all over the world are visiting the city, hundreds began to live here due to work or study. often it takes a lot of time to find the best places and the help needed. we want to shorten that time and share the information we have collected over years of living here.

yeah, we know – it’s a sketchy word that has lost a lot of it’s critical meaning. but it’s still very common and a reference point for a lot of people. by alternative we mean visions of a better society, condensed in projects, organizations or shared spaces. that can be the bar frequented by lefties or the anticapitalist food cooperative, both are part of that web of solidarity created by the people living here.

don’t miss vs. see also?
to distinguish those places that are part of the “concrete utopia” (bloch) from those which are great to visit because of it’s function or ambience, we made two categories: in the “don’t miss”-section you will find institutions that are non-for-profit, pursue emancipatory goals and are collectively run, while under “see also” you find the rest that doesn’t fit those strict criteria.

but who are you?
we are a collective of people living here for many years now who want to share our good experiences with others. we work on volontary basis and have different political backgrounds, but share the vision of a non-capitalist, sexism and racism free society that is founded on the principles of need fulfilling and solidarity instead of profit making and exclusion.